Adam Sandler fills in for Letterman

Adam Sandler was asked to stand in as a last-minute replacement for David Letterman on the Tuesday edition of the Late Show this week, as Dave had to go home ill. Dave came in to work as normal for rehearsals, but felt too ill to go ahead with the taping of the show. Dave is thought to have stomach flu. This is thought to be the first time Dave has turned up at the Theatre, but been unable to go on with the show. Wednesday’s show had already been taped, so that went ahead as planned, with Dave. Thursday and Friday slots are reruns, as planned – due to basketball coverage on CBS. Adam Sandler – who brought his dog Matzoball into the guest seat – was quite funny, but he admits he had never interviewed anyone before.

Related video [Clip of the Adam Sandler show on Tuesday];

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CNBC Europe schedules back to normal from next week

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Late Night With Conan O’Brien will be back to full 45-minute shows again from next week. Since the Summer clock changes outside of the UK a week or so ago, the shows have been cut to 30-minutes long with the NBC Nightly News being shown at 10.30pm (UK time) between the two shows. The schedules with move back to their normal slots for Jay and Conan next week – after the UK goes into British Summer Time. The Tonight Show will be on at 10pm and Conan on at 10.45pm – as normal.


Guest listings for all shows have been updated, and we now cover The Colbert Report as well (more information on that is available by clicking here). Where To Watch page updated (The Colbert Report information added, amongst other things).

Post updated on 17th March at 23:36.

The Colbert Report guest listings

We now have guest listings for The Colbert Report, in addition to the other shows. So, now you can get all the guest info for the Late Show With David Letterman, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Just head over to and click on the relevant links there. Thank you.