Jimmy Fallon’s preparations for Late Night

Jimmy Fallon’s preparations for Late Night

Jimmy Fallon will take over Late Night on the 2nd March. Jimmy has been getting himself ready to take up the job from Conan O’Brien over the last few months. The Chicago Tribune reports Jimmy has said “it will follow the standard talk-show format: monologue, desk comedy bit, two guests and a band… it’s 80 percent there… there will be no sidekick”. It’s also revealed “a bandleader has been chosen, but Fallon won’t say who” but he says “it’s amazing”. The show will be taped at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York.

The Chicago Tribune says Jimmy’s “watched DVDs of old Johnny Carson shows on a loop, and studied the likes of Dick Cavett, Mike Douglas, Steve Allen, Jack Paar and even Garry Shandling’s fictitious Larry Sanders… he has picked Leno’s brain, plans to dine with O’Brien this week and hopes to chat with Letterman soon”. A special blog for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon will be added to NBC’s website in December to show the behind-the-scenes things going on in preparation for the show launch. Conan takes over from Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on the 1st June 2009.

Chicago Tribune – “Sizing up Jimmy Fallon, the heir apparent to Conan”

One thought on “Jimmy Fallon’s preparations for Late Night

  1. I never liked Fallon when he was on SNL (.), so I’ve always been sceptical about how well he will handle Late Night. However, he seems to be doing quite a bit of preperation, so only time will tell…

    Oh yeah, maybe someone should contact him about the old Carson DVDs lol :P

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