Tickets for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Tickets for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

There’s not long to go now until the start of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (2nd March).

Will you be in the New York area? Do you want to get some tickets to see one of the first shows?

Well, the official Late Night With Jimmy Fallon website has posted up details about how to get tickets – whether for now or for the future. All tickets are free.

To book tickets you can call the ticket office on the US number (212) 664-3056 and tickets are usually booked about one month in advance of the taping.

You need to be at least 17 years old to get into a taping and you can only see the show once every six months.

Standby tickets are available on the days that tapings take place – you need to arrive at NBC Studios (49th Street / 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York) no later than 9am.

The site says if you have a standby ticket that doesn’t guarantee you entry into the show.

Jimmy’s interview with the Audience Coordinator;

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