Jimmy Fallon speaks about his new gig

Jimmy Fallon speaks about his new gig

Following weeks of webisodes on the official website, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon starts on NBC tomorrow night and Jimmy’s been talking about how he feels about starting the new gig and what the show’s going to feel like.

On USA Today’s website he says “The only pressure is on me. Can we do a good show? The set is amazing. The band is amazing. If it works, it goes for years. People make a big deal about the first show, but I’m barely concerned about that. They should talk about it a year from now”.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s home is the old studio of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – Studio 6B in the GE Building at 30 Rockfeller Plaza, New York City. The show’s “going green” – reusing the old seating from Radio City Music Hall for the audience area.

Jimmy says “I’ve grown up since Saturday Night Live, but I like talking to people… I was nervous and excited and anxious. Now, I’m just excited… I gave the set guy a three-page Word document. I got everything. I wanted the Radio City seats. I wanted rafters in the back that the kids can dance on. I wanted a spiral staircase because I love spiral staircases, so I got one of those”.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon premieres on NBC tomorrow night at 12.35am with guests Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake and Van Morrison.

USA Today – “Fallon talking a blue streak to take over for Conan”

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