The first ever Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

The first ever Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Last night saw the launch of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. This first ever edition had guests Robert DeNiro, Justin Timberlake and Van Morrison.

The show opened with a traditional monologue and was followed by a feature called “Slow Jam The News” where house band The Roots sing what’s happening in the news.

Jimmy’s interview with Justin Timberlake saw them re-inacting their Bee Gees impersonation from Fallon’s old Saturday Night Live days. Robert DeNiro was interviewed by Jimmy and also took part in a pre-recorded piece for spoof film “Space Train”.

The official Late Night website has posted up clips from the show (which surprisingly work if you’re outside the US);

Opening titles and monologue (from YouTube)

“Slow Jam The News”

Target Demographic segment – “Blonde Mothers”

Robert DeNiro spoof film segment

Justin Timberlake interview

One thought on “The first ever Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  1. I liked the clip just before the intro, in which you saw Conan cleaning up his dressing room and asking Jimmy Fallon about his guests. That was nice.
    However, Jimmy Fallon seemed a little bit nervous during the monologue, but I think everyone could understand that. I’m sure he’ll do fine if he’s given the time to improve and find his own personal style.

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