Conan’s Tonight Show is almost here

Conan’s Tonight Show is almost here

The stage is almost set for Conan O’Brien’s first taping of the all-new Tonight Show. The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien begins on Monday 1st June and the new show means Conan’s packed up his belongings from his old Late Night hometown New York and moved to California. The set is almost completely finished at Stage 1 at Universal Studios.

Conan has 14 seasons of Late Night under his belt already so he’s already a pro at the talk show format. When Conan finished Late Night earlier this year he promised he wouldn’t be changing his style of comedy as he needs to remain true to himself, so expect the usual wacky antics you’d expect from O’Brien when he starts this new gig.

Rehearsals, preparations and set-building have been going on for weeks/months and the official website for The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien is in full swing with the latest blog postings from the team and video snippets showing behind-the-scenes footage.

If you’re going to be in the California area and would like to go to a taping of the all-new Tonight Show, check out the official website for further information or our Getting Tickets page.

The official message board has now launched – click here.

Time-lapse footage of the set construction;

Testimonials from celebrities;

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