The Jay Leno Show premieres on Monday

The Jay Leno Show premieres on Monday

The Jay Leno show premieres on NBC tomorrow night – Monday 14th September – at 10pm. As I mentioned previously, the guests for the first show are Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West. The programme hasn’t been picked up for transmission on UK television yet, but you can watch it on our website via the live NBC stream on the Watch Online page for The Jay Leno Show – it will air on Tuesday morning because of the time difference between the UK and the US.

Speaking to CNN recently, Leno spoke about getting rid of the traditional desk setup and replacing it with a conversation area – he said “”it’s fun being able to change that up a little bit”. CNN says “much of the action takes place outside his new studio, including celebrities racing electric cars on a track built for the show”.

Late Show UK – Guest Listings – The Jay Leno Show
CNN – “Jay Leno ready for prime time”

5 thoughts on “The Jay Leno Show premieres on Monday

  1. anybody got the NBC password? I was looking forward to my regular hour of conan and also grimacing through the Leno trainwreck.

  2. Hi. Can you let me know what time in the morning the Jay Leno Show will play (must’ve missed it today)? Also, any idea if there are plans for it to be picked up & shown in the UK (I’m on the ‘I wish he hadn’t left The Tonight Show side’:)) Thanks!

  3. It airs at 4am UK time on the live streaming that we’ve linked to in the Watch Online section. I’ve not heard anything about any UK television channel picking up the rights to show it over here, sorry.

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