The Jay Leno Show makes its debut

The Jay Leno Show makes its debut

The Jay Leno Show made its debut on NBC last night – 17.7 million people watched it. Leno has faced some negative reviews of the opening show though, as critics thought it was lazy of him to stay with a very similar format to The Tonight Show (for example Headlines is featured on the new show, as it was on The Tonight Show).

The Associated Press reporter Frazier Moore said “the biggest difference between Leno’s new show and his old one: With his fade-out at 11pm, the local news began”, and The Los Angeles Times said it was “a strange, shallow puddle of comedy”.

The first show did have it’s viewer draws – including Kanye West’s appearance to explain what happened at the MTV VMAs (the infamous moment when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech) and to apologise for what he did.

In addition to Kanye West’s appearance, Jerry Seinfeld was interviewed and music came from Jay-Z and Rihanna (with Kanye performing with them).

The official website for The Jay Leno Show has now fully launched – it includes video clips (US only), full episode streaming (US only), photos, exclusives, message boards, etc.

If you saw the show, please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post.

Jay Leno during the Headlines segment on last night's show

The Associated Press – “Leno show reaches 17.7 million viewers”
The Los Angeles Times – “‘Jay Leno Show’ stays on familiar ground”

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