James Corden praised for Late Late Show debut

James Corden praised for Late Late Show debut

James Corden made his debut as host of The Late Late Show on CBS last week and received many positive reviews. The show also seems to be winning over viewers with some pretty impressive figures for opening week.

The American public seems to have warmed to the British comedian already and there have been some pretty major changes to The Late Late Show format since Craig Ferguson’s tenure.

The introduction of a house band for the first time in the show’s history (fronted by Reggie Watts) looks to be getting off to a winning start, the unique inclusion of a bar at the side of the stage (a first for a US late night talk show according to Corden) and the radical decision to carry out guest interviews next to the host’s desk instead of behind it & bringing out all of the guests at the same time.

The opening episode pulled in some big guest names in the form of Blockbuster movie star Tom Hanks and Family Guy favourite Mila Kunis. The idea of having both guests on the same sofa at the same time worked incredibly well here – this new format of The Late Late Show is very reminiscent of the BBC’s Graham Norton Show:

Before the big guests came out there was an hilarious opening skit explaining how Corden was picked for the job, showing him winning a golden ticket and being trained up by Arnie & Jay Leno amongst others:

The show wasn’t afraid to get on with comedy pieces in its opening episode, with Tom Hanks and James Corden starring in a segment showcasing Tom Hank’s acting career:

James closed the first episode with a touching musical ballad about his Late Late Show debut:

The second show of the week saw Corden embark on another comedy segment where he delivered pizzas to unsuspecting members of the public and offered them a chance to give up their pizza order for the contents of the mystery pizza box. This segment seemed very much an homage to David Letterman as it reminds me of Dave’s early days going around his local neighbourhood:

Guests Patricia Arquette and Chris Pine took part in a sketch recreating a scene from his soap opera The Young And The Restless:

Tuesday’s show also saw the first “proper” monologue by Corden:

Wednesday’s programme featured a comedy bit with Mariah Carey singing karaoke with James:

Funnymen Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell were the guests on Wednesday’s show:

Last but not least, the opening titles for The Late Late Show With James Corden were directed by J.J. Abrams:

Reruns aired on Thursday and Friday. Most weeks, however, there will be four new shows with a rerun airing on Fridays.

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