Conan prepares for The Tonight Show job

Conan prepares for The Tonight Show job

In a visit to NBC TV affiliate WKYC Channel 3, Conan O’Brien has been talking about becoming host of The Tonight Show.

He says “my analogy is, they’re handing me the keys to this beautiful Ferrari of The Tonight Show… I’ve been driving around in a Jeep Wrangler called the Late Night show. A fine Jeep Wrangler with a busted radio, but now they’re handing me the keys to a Ferrari called The Tonight Show… I want to get this thing up over 100 miles an hour. I want to clip some fire hydrants. I want to get it up on two wheels, on its side, like James Bond in that alley”.

Conan’s determined to make The Tonight Show his own and not try to copy Jay Leno or Johnny Carson. He says “every person has done it his own way… that’s just what I have to do” and “I was following in David Letterman’s footsteps… we did a completely different kind of show, and I think that’s the only reason it succeeded”.

In a different interview with Minnesota news channel KARE, Conan says he’s been on a tour of many NBC stations to promote his new show before it begins in June – “you have to take time to meet the people who work at the stations… you can’t be a snob about it”.

The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien begins on the 1st June on NBC. – “Conan O’Brien intends to make ‘Tonight Show’ his own” – “KARE bears meet Conan O’Brien”

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