Craig Ferguson to host syndicated talk show

Craig Ferguson to host syndicated talk show

It’s being reported Craig Ferguson is close to reaching a deal to host a new syndicated talk show on US TV.

The new show would air at 7pm and would be distributed by Tribune Media Services.

Craig FergusonThe Washington Post reports it “will begin airing next fall” (2015) and that Late Late Show executive producer Michael Naidus will come to the new programme with him, along with robot skeleton puppet Geoff.

In addition to the new syndicated talk show, Craig Ferguson will also be hosting syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game (which starts next month).

Ferguson will leave CBS’s Late Late Show programme, with British actor/comedian James Corden the favourite to take over the gig.

The Washington Post – “Craig Ferguson to host new early evening talk show”
NY Daily News – “Craig Ferguson nears deal to launch new syndicated talk show…”

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