Rolling Stone magazine now on sale in the UK

Rolling Stone magazine now on sale in the UK

Rolling Stone magazine – featuring the big interview with David Letterman – is now available to buy in UK shops. It’s the 18th September 2008 issue (issue 1061) from the US and is now on sale in the UK. You may have trouble getting hold of a copy if you don’t live in a larger city as the magazine is a direct import from America and only the larger stores are likely to get it. There are usually a few auctions on eBay if you can’t get hold of a copy in a shop (people on eBay do tend to charge a lot for postage/shipping though). You can also now read the whole interview on the Rolling Stone website. It’s a great interview.

As mentioned in my previous post about Rolling Stone magazine, Letterman provides an in-depth interview. Dave discusses Conan O’Brien taking over from Jay Leno on The Tonight Show next year, his heart surgery, his contract with CBS, life at home with Harry & Regina, the workings behind the Late Show broadcasts, his admiration of Johnny Carson, the first show back after the September 11th attacks and much more.

In addition to the Letterman interview, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman also has some quotes throughout the magazine.

Late Show UK – “David Letterman interview in Rolling Stone magazine”
Rolling Stone – “Dave at Peace: The Rolling Stone Interview”
Rolling Stone – Issue 1061 information – Front cover of Rolling Stone magazine featuring David Letterman

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