Friday Night With Jonathan Ross – October 2009

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross – October 2009

2nd October – Barbra Streisand (special episode – airs at 9pm)
9th October – Chris Evans, Jeremy Piven, JLS, Kasabian
16th October – Alesha Dixon, Vince Vaughn, Jack Dee, Paloma Faith
23rd October – Tim Minchin, 50 Cent, Joanna Page, Boy George, Jamie Cullum
30th October – Christopher Walken, Dara O Briain, Dominic Cooper, Green Day, the Stylistics

Friday’s premiere is usually repeated late on Saturday night on BBC1.

Updated 17th October 2009.

9 thoughts on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross – October 2009

  1. Are muse going to be on the Jonathan Ross show soon, as they were after the release of their oher albums?

  2. According to the Telegraph, 13 October,

    “In a theory reminiscent of the time travelling film Back to the Future, the theoretical physicists Holger Nielsen, from Denmark, and Masao Ninomiya, from Japan, have concluded that its discoveries could be so “abhorrent to nature” that they are coming back to stop their own creation”

    However Mr Ross, claimed that the two physicists
    where “two Austrian Boffins”. They are not Austrian, but Danish and Japanese respectively.
    Neither is the Hadron Collider in Austria, but in Switzerland. So how did he make the Austrian Connection?

    Although his program should be funny, information which he uses should be correct.

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