Jay Leno’s exit interviews with 60 Minutes and Today Show

Jay Leno’s exit interviews with 60 Minutes and Today Show

Jay Leno has been sitting down with NBC and CBS this month for some “exit interviews” now that he’s into his final Tonight Show episodes – Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show in February.

In his interview with NBC’s Today Show he was also joined by Jimmy Fallon to discuss “passing the Tonight Show torch” for a new generation, with Leno saying he “really admire [Jimmy Fallon] as a comic”. He also spoke about the failed attempt at retiring from The Tonight Show last time around when Conan O’Brien briefly took over hosting duties.

Leno also spoke to Steve Kroft on CBS’s 60 Minutes programme over the weekend for his exit interview – he spoke to Steve 22 years ago when he took over The Tonight Show. Kroft said Leno called him and said “I’m gonna give one interview… I started this thing with you and with 60 Minutes, and I’d like to bookend it”.

When asked on 60 Minutes about how he felt leaving The Tonight Show after all this time, Leno said “not bitter, not upset, NBC has been more than fair… these are tough things and you know, you have to step back and go, ‘Look, you’re getting a little old for this now.’ And that’s where I am. And so, we’ll try something else”.

Watch the 60 Minutes episode in full below – however, if you are outside of the US you will need to make use of the Media Hint add-on in Firefox or in Chrome to watch it.You can also watch his first interview with 60 Minutes from 22 years ago which CBS have uploaded to their YouTube channel over the weekend:

Jay Leno’s final Tonight Show will air on Thursday 6th February and Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show will air on Monday 17th February.

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