Leno and Conan’s Superbowl XLIII adverts

Leno and Conan’s Superbowl XLIII adverts

It was Superbowl XLIII last night between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Advertising time throughout the Superbowl is always a high premium.

This year the Superbowl was broadcast on NBC giving them a chance to promote Jay Leno’s new 10pm show starting this year when he leaves The Tonight Show, and also gave them a chance to promote Conan O’Brien who’s taking over The Tonight Show on the 1st June this year.

Conan also had an advert promoting Bud Light.

This isn’t the first time late night talk shows have advertised in the Superbowl – David Letterman promoted the Late Show with an advert featuring Oprah previously.

Jay Leno’s Superbowl advert;

Conan O’Brien’s Superbowl advert;

Conan’s Bud Light advert;

Watch other Superbowl XLIII adverts here.

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