Leno talks about his future and Letterman

Leno talks about his future and Letterman

Jay Leno has been speaking to GQ about his future at NBC after he finishes up at The Tonight Show at the end of next month, and also talks about his relationship with David Letterman. Jay Leno moves to a new 10pm show on NBC later this year.

When questioned by GQ “there’s a scene in The Late Shift [click here for more information about The Late Shift] where Jack Welch of GE gives you the edge over Dave for The Tonight Show because of your loyalty… you’re being loyal again to NBC”, Leno replies “yeah, it’s a gamble”.

GQ continues – “do you worry loyalty this time could be taking you to a not good place?”. Jay says “it’s worked fine up until this point. I’ve never argued about money. Dave makes a lot more than I do. Way more. And I’m number one. But that’s okaaaay. How much pie can you eat?”.

When asked what was in a letter he wrote to Letterman after Dave’s heart surgery, Leno says “just how funny I thought he was and how I owed him a lot. How important he was to me and all that”.

Leno’s still hoping of a rekindle with Letterman – “Do you think you two will ever come around?” asks GQ. Leno responds “I hope so!”. And would he ever be a guest on the Late Show? “I wouldn’t rule it out”.

Jay’s final episode of The Tonight Show will be the 29th May and Conan O’Brien takes over on the 1st June. Jay’s new 10pm NBC show will start later this year.

Read the interview in full at GQ

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