Conan’s exit deal “accepted”

Conan’s exit deal “accepted”

TransWorldNews says Conan “has reportedly accepted a $32.5 million deal to leave The Tonight Show… according to reports, NBC has agreed to pay O’Brien $32.5 million to leave The Tonight Show and to remain silent about the controversy surrounding the show’s time slot change. Jay Leno will reportedly return as host of The Tonight Show”. Conan is rumoured to be in discussions with Fox for a possible talk show on their network. TMZ say Fox even registered a website for Conan already – they report “the registrant of CONANONFOX.COM is the Intellectual Property Department of Twentieth Century Fox”.

Several well known celebrities have commented on the Leno/Conan debate – Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globe Awards ceremony this week and opened with “let’s get going, before they replace me with Jay Leno” and comedian Sarah Silverman (the ex-girlfriend of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel) said “NBC displaced a lot of people by bringing the show here. People enrolled their kids in school and I don’t think six months is enough time”.

It’s not known how much longer The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien will be on NBC – original reports suggested the final episode would air in February before the Winter Olympics start, but the show may end as soon as this week – guest listings aren’t being released very far in advance at the moment which is a sign the show is ending soon. – “Conan O’Brien Scores $32.5 Mil from NBC”
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