The Jay Leno Show says farewell

The Jay Leno Show says farewell

The final episode of The Jay Leno Show aired on NBC last night. The failed 10pm show wrapped up last night with host Jay Leno saying NBC had allowed it to end early “for good behavior” – “This show was supposed to last two years, but my sentence was reduced to five months for good behavior”.

During his final monologue he said “We were on the air five months – it seems like just yesterday I was telling NBC this is not going to work”. Ashton Kutcher, Gabourey Sidibe and Bob Costas were the guests on the final show, with Donald Trump appearing as a special guest via satellite.

MTV report the show ended quite abruptly for the NBC news programme. MTV report “before the talk-show host could give any closing comments to the gathered audience, the feed ended abruptly and transitioned directly into NBC’s scheduled news program… the show’s unceremonious sendoff offered a stark reminder that Leno’s departure from the airwaves is only temporary”.

Leno will go head-to-head with Letterman in the ratings war when he returns to The Tonight Show at 11.35pm from the 1st March. On the penultimate Jay Leno Show on Monday, Jay talked about the Super Bowl commercial he filmed with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey, saying there was no animosity between Dave and himself.

NBC have now officially closed the website for The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien – now just redirects to

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Monday 8th February – Jay Leno talks about the Super Bowl commercial;

Monday 8th February – Jay Leno talks about Letterman;

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