Leno after 2009 – The rumour mill in full swing

Leno after 2009 – The rumour mill in full swing

There’s been a lot of rumours flying around in recent months as to what Jay Leno might do when he retires from The Tonight Show next year to hand over the host chair to Conan O’Brien. Some say he will be offered a new job at NBC – either a talk show or a car show – and the latest rumour is he may be replacing Larry King on CNN. There’s been talk for a while about when Larry King may retire from CNN but the thought of his retirement has always been strongly denied by CNN and Larry. Entertainment Weekly (EW.com) says “Leno, though, is going to have plenty of time on his hands starting next year, and I’m sure he’s happy to irk NBC by letting other networks court him”.

DenverPost.com also reports on what Leno might do next, saying “rumors have him contemplating everything from a late- night show for another network or even a Larry King-style program on CNN”. They also give Conan a mention. Click here to read more on DenverPost.com.

Entertainment Weekly (EW.com) – “Is Jay Leno the new Larry King?”
DenverPost.com – “Conan O’Brien’s charm may be tough sell on “Tonight Show””

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