Jimmy Fallon ends his run on Late Night

Jimmy Fallon ends his run on Late Night

Late Night With Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon ended his time on Late Night last night (Friday) after 5 seasons. He’s hosted 969 episodes over the past 5 years.

SNL alumni Seth Meyers takes over the Late Night franchise on Monday 24th February, and Jimmy Fallon’s tenure on The Tonight Show begins Monday 17th February.

Much of the last week of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon saw look backs at some of the most memorable parts of the programme – Monday saw a look at the best of the musical sketches, Tuesday had the best of the digital originals and Wednesday they took a look at some of the best guest comedy pieces.

Late Night returned for its final two shows on Thursday and Friday – guests Colin Farrell, Chris Pratt & 2 Chainz were on the penultimate programme on Thursday and his friend Andy Samberg along with The Muppets were his guests on the final show on Friday.

Fallon said in his final Late Night monologue – “I’m really gonna miss being on TV at 12:37, especially in this battle for late-night ratings with my fierce rivals Craig Ferguson and a vegi-chopper infomercial”.

Over the years Jimmy said he’s told over 10,000 jokes – “The best way I can summarize those jokes is that Joe Biden needed Obamacare after Anthony Weiner texted Justin Bieber a picture of Chris Christie texting a Kardashian on the Jersey Shore”.

He tried to hold back the tears throughout the show saying “I’m not gonna cry but I’m getting really close because we’re not going anywhere – we’re just going to The Tonight Show”.

The show ended with a musical number featuring The Muppets then Jimmy exited the Late Night studio through the doors and walked across the corridor to his new Tonight Show studio.

Watch the last Late Night in full below – however, if you are outside of the US you will need to make use of the Media Hint add-on in Firefox or in Chrome to watch it.

NBC News – “Fallon Chokes Up on Last ‘Late Night’: ‘I’m Not Going to Cry'”

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