Are BBC personalities such as Jonathan Ross overpaid?

Are BBC personalities such as Jonathan Ross overpaid?

The BBC’s governing body has written a report released this week into whether BBC personalities are paid too much. The report said “the top 30 to 40 stars across all TV and radio each earn more than £1m a year”. However, the report found there’s “no evidence that the BBC is paying more than the market price”.

In previously leaked salary figures it was revealed “a three-year deal for Jonathan Ross reportedly worth £18m”. Do you think hosts and personalities such as Jonathan Ross are overpaid for their TV and radio work? We’d like your comments.

BBC News – “BBC stars ‘are not paid too much'”

2 thoughts on “Are BBC personalities such as Jonathan Ross overpaid?

  1. Definitely not. The BBC are not forced to pay Jonathan 18 mil for three years. It probably gives people in media strive for more success.

  2. The vast majority of people to whom I have spoken regarding this poor excuse for a “personality” take the view, as I do, that he is grossly overpaid. It would appear that the BBC is desperate to attract younger viewers – who are around late at night to watch his obscene antics.
    The BBC should set an example by providing GOOD quality programs – it doen not need to compete – it already had millions of pounds from the licenec payers.

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