British Celebrity Fans

British Celebrity Fans

Chris Moyles (BBC Radio 1)

Chris has spoken about Letterman many times over the years.

He gave some good publicity for the Late Show on The Chris Moyles Show back in 2010.

In April of that year he was stuck in New York following the volcanic ash problems meaning he couldn’t fly back so Chris hosted his breakfast show from New York for the whole week from a Sirius studio.

Whilst he was in New York he went to a taping of the Late Show:

Richard Bacon and Ricky Gervais (Capital FM)

Richard Bacon and Ricky Gervais talked about Letterman and the petition we ran back in 2005 when ITV2 took the Late Show off their channel.

This broadcast went out live on London’s Capital FM on Richard Bacon’s drivetime programme The Go Home Show:

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