“No plans” for nightly Daily Show to return to More 4

“No plans” for nightly Daily Show to return to More 4

More 4As a response to Louis Theroux’s recent comments about More 4 and their treatment of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Radio Times created a poll to show support for the nightly editions to return to More 4.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 has told the Radio Times they have “no plans” to bring back the nightly shows despite the poll getting a massive 99% votes in support out of more than 2000 votes.

Channel 4 told Radio Times “In 2010, The Daily Show had an average share of 0.38%/96,000 viewers. It was a tiny audience and in terms of performance on a commercial channel, it just wasn’t big enough. That’s what the decision came down to. When it was replaced at 8:30pm in 2011, share increased by over 250% to 1.33%/351,000 viewers”.

So it all comes down to viewing figures but they say the Global Edition will remain on air every Monday night – “The Global Edition performs better at 11:30pm on a Monday, averaging a share of 0.61%/68,000 viewers”. A quick point to note they don’t seem to know the start time of the show as it doesn’t air at 11.30pm – it usually airs at 11.05pm.

Radio Times bring up a good point asking why it can’t be brought back every weeknight in that timeslot, to which Channel 4 responded “we kept the Global Edition on Mondays because we know that there’s an audience who love it. But it’s still not big enough for that”.

Also, Radio Times asked the BBC’s acquisitions department whether they would be interested in picking the rights up to the weeknight editions (for BBC Four perhaps) to which they responded “since More4 are currently airing a weekly version of The Daily Show, the rights would not be available for anyone else to air a daily version”. Quite a cryptic answer as it seems to imply they are interested in the show but can’t get it due to More 4 owning the UK broadcast rights to it, despite them not airing it.

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Radio Times – “The Daily Show: weeknight editions will not return, says More4”

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