DirecTV drops Comedy Central in the US

DirecTV drops Comedy Central in the US

The Daily Show With Jon StewartJust as the UK are getting The Daily Show With Jon Stewart back on our screens this month, many viewers in the US will find themselves without Comedy Central following a dispute with DirecTV.

DirecTV were unable to come to a new carriage agreement with Comedy Central’s owners Viacom so several channels have now been dropped from the TV service.

Reuters reports “The two companies failed to reach a new contract before a midnight Tuesday deadline, and as a result Viacom asked DirecTV to black out Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and 14 other Viacom channels for its roughly 20 million subscribers. The two companies had been in talks over a new contract – the previous one had been in place for the last seven years – but could not agree on terms before the Tuesday deadline”.

It’s not clear when the channels will re-appear on the DirecTV service. A message appears on the Comedy Central website footer directing people to which urges viewers to switch their provider.

Viacom also had their channels blocked by Dish back in 2004 when they couldn’t reach an agreement, but this issue was resolved within a couple of days so this new DirecTV outage may be short-lived.

Reuters – “SpongeBob, Snooki, Jon Stewart go missing from DirecTV”

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