Jon Stewart leaves The Daily Show after 16 years

Jon Stewart leaves The Daily Show after 16 years

Jon Stewart bowed out of The Daily Show this week – his final show aired on Thursday (6th August).

Stewart has been the host of The Daily Show since 1999 where he replaced Craig Kilborn. His successor is South African comedian Trevor Noah who begins his tenure on Monday 28th September.

When Jon took over the programme from Kilborn he made it his own and developed the show into something totally different to what Kilborn was offering before him. The Daily Show has become a staple part of the US political landscape over the years and has played key roles in delivering & analysing news despite it being a satirical show. One of its major triumphs was its coverage of President Obama’s election and Jon Stewart’s emotional return back in 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US.

The final episode on Thursday included the roster of past and present Daily Show correspondents and also a pre-recorded segment of messages from people Jon has been critical of over the years:

Another pre-recorded segment was the brilliantly-shot behind-the-scenes video of The Daily Show offices. Jon describes this as the most beautiful place he’s ever worked. This reminded me a bit of the behind-the-scenes segment on the Late Show when it was ending.

Upcoming host of the Late Show on CBS and former The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert paid tribute to Stewart and Jon got a bit teary-eyed:

One of the most memorable moments from the final episodes was Jon’s incredible speech reminding people to be wary of “bullshit” that is all around us:

Other nice additions to the finale were the inclusion of former host Craig Kilborn in a recorded piece (a very brief appearance) and new host Trevor Noah measuring up the desk (and Jon).

The finale closed out with Jon’s very own “Moment Of Zen” – a mini-concert by the one and only Bruce Springsteen.

Comedy Central have kindly removed their US-only viewing restrictions for their full episode streaming for Jon’s final show so you can watch that in the UK right now. Click here.

Guests featured throughout the final week were Amy Schumer, Denis Leary and Louis CK – all friends of the show.

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