The Daily Show on More 4 this week

The Daily Show on More 4 this week

As it’s reruns on Comedy Central in America this week, More 4 are treating us to some special reruns different from what’s being shown on US TV. Special reruns have been hand-picked by More 4 to showcase some recent episodes with top guests.

Tonight (Monday) will be a rerun of the Bill Clinton episode, tomorrow (Tuesday) will be another chance to see former British prime minister Tony Blair’s appearance, Wednesday will give you another chance to see British comedian Ricky Gervais on the show, Thursday’s a rerun of The Office US star Steve Carell and there’s another chance to see US President-elect Barack Obama’s appearance on Friday.

All shows air at 8.30pm as normal, on More 4.

There is no Global Edition on More 4 this week.

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