The Daily Show to air LIVE on Inauguration Day

The Daily Show to air LIVE on Inauguration Day

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart will air live on Inauguration Day this Tuesday. The show will go out at 11pm on Comedy Central, but it won’t be pre-recorded beforehand. The last live broadcast Comedy Central did featuring Jon Stewart was the Indecision 2008 programme on election night, which was co-hosted by Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report.

The Daily Show won’t have live coverage of the Obama inauguration ceremony as that’s taking place during the day (you can keep up to date on that though on the Indecision 2008 blog), but it will have a live roundup of the day’s events at 11pm.

So if you live in the US, tune into Comedy Central on the 20th January at 11pm to watch live. If you’re in the UK, More 4 will air this episode on Wednesday at 8.30pm.

There will be live blogging on the Indecision 2008 blog throughout the show and also live blogging throughout the day of the inauguration ceremony.

Indecision 2008 blog – “The Daily Show LIVE on Inauguration Day”
Indecision 2008 blog – “Indecision’s Inauguration Day Coverage”

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