More 4 to air Daily Show Global Edition only

More 4 to air Daily Show Global Edition only

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has featured in More4’s schedule since launch in 2005. Aired at 8.30PM, the programme followed More4 News, which itself ended almost a year ago.

The Daily Show Global Edition features highlights from the week, with a specific introduction from Jon Stewart and an ‘International Moment of Zen’. Global Edition also aired on CNN International, but does not currently feature in the CNN International schedule in Europe.

According to Media Guardian, More4 will now air just The Daily Show Global Edition from next month. Several British guests have appeared on the programme this year, including Ricky Gervais, Tony Blair, Sting, Gordon Brown and Emma Thompson.

8 thoughts on “More 4 to air Daily Show Global Edition only

  1. This is so pathetic! Yes, I know More4 is still showing the weekly global edition, but why on earth have they cancelled The Daily Show in the UK?
    I’ve left a comment on More4’s website, but can’t imagine it will do any good… any suggestions?
    Bring back the Daily Show!!!!

  2. Perfect – the only programme I really love!
    I’ve emailed More4 as well. Apparently they’re going to “concentrate more on UK productions like True Stories” – i.e. constant repeats of of Come Dine with Me more likely!
    Shall we start a petition? Facebook page?

  3. Absolutely stupid move More 4! The Daily Show was an excellent news piece and fit well on the channel…how can the half hour round up do any justice!

  4. I also contacted Channel 4 and got the same response. Do anyone know why we cannot get DS videos online, always says ‘sorry, videos not available in your country’. Also, a comedy central production not shown on comedy central in the uk, can anyone help as im in withdrawal already.

  5. Someone please Restore Sanity at Channel 4 / More 4 programming…

    It’s a Daily Show – I love to watch it on a daily basis even if it is delayed by a day or two.

    I watch nothing on television as regularly as The Daily Show – not even MOTD or Family Guy –

    I am biased (obviously) but this smacks of a mistake – don’t think we’ll be placated with one Global Edition per week… programmer please!!

  6. This is crazy. The only show that I ‘must’ see. Forget the rest of TV. I know that they pulled the shows broadcast in Australia & Sweden last year and there were many, many complaints (a Facebook petition as well of which i am part of). This is just so ridiculous. The thought of Jon & co. coming back got me through a very tough x-mas.

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