Comedy Central UK offers Daily Show clips

Comedy Central UK offers Daily Show clips

Comedy Central UK have launched a minisite for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

There have been many frustrations for UK fans of The Daily Show in recent times – first the official website for The Daily Show on Comedy Central US blocked all clips if you were outside of the States, then the show was axed from More 4 so there was nowhere left to watch it.

The new minisite from Comedy Central UK provides clips of The Daily Show for UK viewers, but not full episodes yet.

In a news piece on the Comedy Central UK website, they say:

We know there’s a huge Daily Show fan base here in the UK but most of you can’t access the US video clips. Argh! Here’s where Comedy Central UK comes in.

You’ve been asking us on Facebook, Twitter and even by carrier pigeon (not true) so we’ve had a word with our pals over the Atlantic to give you what you want. Kinda.

As we don’t air the show on the channel, we can’t bring you full episodes online at present BUT every week we’ll be bringing you specially selected clips from each of the shows from the past 30 days including interviews with Jon’s special guests, The Daily Show 60 Second round ups and of course the Moments of Zen.

Click here to visit the new minisite.

Will The Daily Show be coming to Comedy Central UK on TV eventually? I hope so.

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