Jonathan Ross suspended until mid-January

Jonathan Ross suspended until mid-January

Following the recent controversy on BBC Radio 2, Jonathan Ross was suspended along with the Radio 2 host Russell Brand. Russell Brand has since quit his Radio 2 show and the BBC Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas has resigned. It has now been confirmed that Jonathan Ross will be suspended for three months (12 weeks) without pay.

BBC News says “it is believed the suspension of pay will cost the entertainer more than £1 million”. BBC director general Mark Thompson describes Jonathan Ross’s suspension as “an exceptional step” and the content on Russell Brand’s Radio 2 show a “very serious breach of editorial standards”. Mr Thompson also says this is a “final warning” for Jonathan Ross.

It has also now been confirmed that Film 2008 With Jonathan Ross has been taken off the air, and – presumably – any programme featuring Jonathan. The suspension will mean Friday Night With Jonathan Ross won’t return to BBC1 until mid-January 2009 or the beginning of February 2009. It’s not known what will replace Friday Night With Jonathan Ross in the meantime but tonight’s show has been replaced by the film Speed. The BBC could get in guest hosts for the programme, but – in my opinion – this is unlikely.

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One thought on “Jonathan Ross suspended until mid-January

  1. Am I the only person who things that both Brand & Ross have been let down by the BBC!?

    If the show was not seen as fit for broadcast on the BBC then it should have been shelved.

    All entertainers can do is produce material that they feel is suitable at the time, they should not have to sensor their creativity on a pre-recorded show.

    Peter Cook & Dudley Moore were recording material viewed as offensive by some over 30 years ago yet I and millions like me still enjoy those recordings today!

    As a footnote, I am sure the millions of people who enjoy their podcasts would happily pay for downloads.

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