CNBC schedule changes

CNBC schedule changes

CNBC Europe will now be airing Late Night With Conan O’Brien on Mondays-Fridays at 11.30pm UK time. Late Night With Conan O’Brien had been missing from the weekday CNBC schedules for quite a while now, since they decided to change things around.

The CNBC Europe broadcasts of Conan Monday-Friday will be 30-minute cutdown versions, like they do for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The Tonight Show airs at 11pm on CNBC Europe, so Late Night follows it directly afterwards. The NBC Nightly News will no longer be shown.

Weekend schedules remain unchanged with uncut versions of The Tonight Show and Late Night airing at 8pm and 8.45pm respectively (UK time) – a pick of two of the best shows.

Monday’s edition of Late Night with feature Jason Lee, Tuesday will be Liam Neeson and Wednesday will see Emile Hirsch join Conan for a chat. Click here for more schedule information.

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  1. Hi PAUL,
    Thanks for the info, a little Conan is better than none. I use to watch each night on a German channel back to back it was great. NBC Giga, wish MSNBC was available here.

    Keep up the good work!.

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