Conan O’Brien News

Conan O’Brien News

Media website The Celebrity Cafe is reporting it “has learned that Conan O’Brien has shaved his strike-beard” and say “O’Brien’s constant support for the strike, by not shaving for such an elongated period of time was a great gesture. One in which he must be commended”.

The Celebrity Cafe – “Conan Shaves Beard”

In other Conan-related news, he appeared on a front cover of Entertainment Weekly in the US last month (still sporting his strike beard). The official website for Entertainment Weekly has three exclusive interview clips with Conan, which are well worth a watch. His feature in the magazine includes Conan’s strike tips. The three video clips are linked below for your enjoyment.

Entertainment Weekly ( – “Conan O’Brien’s Strike Tips”
Entertainment Weekly ( – “Conan vs. a Chimp”
Entertainment Weekly ( – “Conan: the power of the beard”

And if you love the zip line segment Conan does on Late Night, someone’s gone and created a (quite addictive) Flash-based game. Late Night Underground has the game (below).

Late Night Underground – “The Zip Line Game! Yeah!”

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