The Guardian’s verdict on Letterman

The Guardian’s verdict on Letterman

It’s great to see British press reviewing the Late Show With David Letterman, and this review was a real treat. Letterman has been called a “legend” and “subversive genius” in a new glowing review at The Guardian. The blog entry also mentions Diva TV – who air the Late Show in the UK – which is quite a touchy subject at the moment with us Dave fans since Diva TV have reduced their Letterman output to a mere two episodes a week.

The Guardian hit the nail on the head with their thoughts about Diva TV. They say – “oddly – and solely, one presumes – because of its celebrity content, you will also find The Late Show with David Letterman”. Speaking of Letterman, they say he’s “on marvellous form”. They also say he’s “a master of the smart-guy-playing-it-dumb stratagem, and once again looks like a subversive genius”. To read the review in full, click on the link below to The Guardian’s website.

The Guardian – “Discover the legend that is Letterman … On Diva TV”

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