The future of the Late Show on Diva TV

The future of the Late Show on Diva TV

We’ve been keeping an eye on the Diva TV schedules over recent weeks, since the Late Show With David Letterman was cut down to a mere two episodes a week – one on Saturdays and one on Sundays. According to the latest schedules on their website, there is no sign of the Late Show With David Letterman on weekends from Saturday 2nd August onwards. This is also the case if you go to the single day page for the 2nd August. If these schedules are the final listings for these days, this is terrible news for Letterman fans in the UK. The Late Show has been on many different channels over the years and UK fans are getting increasingly frustrated not being able to watch their favourite show.

Diva TV’s decision to cut the number of episodes down to two a week came after they said they wanted to only show episodes with guests that British audiences would know. However, fans know we all watch the show for Dave and not the guests most of the time. Diva TV seems to air the Late Show just because it has celebrities on it, and not for Dave’s standup, comedy asides and humour. I have emailed Diva TV to ask for confirmation for the August schedules but am yet to hear back from them. As soon as I do, I will post further details on our website.

In the meantime, please register on the Diva TV message board (the Have Your Say area) to show there’s an audience who wants to see the Late Show on Diva TV. Click here for the Have Your Say message board for the Late Show. You can also contact them by phoning 020 7368 9100 and you can email them at

Late Show With David Letterman programme page on the Diva TV website

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