Boris Johnson interview on the Late Show

Boris Johnson interview on the Late Show

Mayor of London Boris Johnson made an appearance on the Late Show this week.

He stopped by to see Dave on Wednesday’s show to talk about his new book and to discuss London, the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Olympic Games in the city this year and his thoughts about the US.

Boris – who was only just re-elected for a second term as London Mayor – talked to Dave about what makes London great and also how he was born in New York so could technically become US President.

Speaking about the Diamond Jubilee celebrations he said “You left out the rain. The rain was a critical ingredient. I heard someone said it was one of the greatest aquatic triumphs of the British people since Trafalgar. It was like a kind of version of Dunkirk except with a much jollier outcome”.

Letterman made a quip about Boris’s signature haircut saying “Do you think the hair is holding you back”.

Boris did create some groans in the Ed Sullivan Theatre audience when he said “I regard America as the proudest creation of London. It was the ideals of liberty and democracy and habeas corpus and freedom of speech from 18th century London that were transmitted, would you not say?”

His appearance gave the Late Show some publicity in the British media as he got a full page spread in the London Evening Standard the following day.

This Is London (London Evening Standard) – “Video: Boris Johnson tells Letterman ‘London created America'”

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