Barack Obama on the Late Show tonight

Barack Obama on the Late Show tonight

Democratic US Presidential nominee Barack Obama will be a guest on the Late Show With David Letterman tonight (Wednesday 10th September) on CBS. He has appeared on the Late Show in the past and read out a very amusing Top Ten list on his past appearance. As the Late Show With David Letterman airs at 11.30pm US time, you can see the show at 7.30am UK time via the embedded streaming in our Watch Online section tomorrow morning – just click on the Late Show With David Letterman option at – this show may also be on Diva TV at some stage soon.

The Associated Press – “Today on the presidential campaign trail”
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4 thoughts on “Barack Obama on the Late Show tonight

  1. i see david letterman isnt in the schedules for october on diva tv!!i wonder if another channel will pick it up?

  2. The Diva TV website schedules were wrong the other month when it was missing the Late Show, but they corrected it a few weeks later.

    Although, October 2008 would mark one year since Diva TV launched so the Late Show contract may well be up then.

    So maybe it is correct.

    I hope a channel like ‘Dave’ picks it up so we can get Letterman back on Freeview again. :-)

  3. that would be great,wouldnt it? yes i believe youre correct about the 1 year contract,other tv channels always bought the show 1 year at a time,ive watched dave on loads of diffrent channels over the years including itv 2,and 4,and the paramount comedy channel,so if diva tv isnt showing the late show anymore,i really hope another channel picks it up!

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