David Letterman rips into John McCain

David Letterman rips into John McCain

Letterman has spoken out about John McCain cancelling his recent Late Show With David Letterman appearance even though McCain went ahead and did an interview with Katie Couric for CBS News at the same time. Letterman said “I’m more than a little disappointed by his behavior… We’re suspending the campaign… suspending it because there’s an economic crisis, or because the poll numbers are sliding?… something about this stinks”.

Keith Olbermann replaced John McCain as a guest on the Late Show. McCain was supposed to be on his way to Washington for talks to resolve the credit crisis, but he was actually still in New York filming the CBS News interview. Throughout the interview Dave was watching McCain getting ready for the CBS News interview on the Ed Sullivan Theatre monitors during the show. At one point Dave shouted at the McCain on the TV monitor “You need a ride to the airport?”.

On the Late Show, Dave said “Senator John McCain, Republican candidate for President, was supposed to be on the program tonight. Were you aware of that? But he had to cancel the show because he’s suspending his campaign because the economy is exploding. You know who John McCain is… he’s the running mate of Sarah Palin”.

McCain originally announced he was running for President on the Late Show.

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