John McCain is back on the Late Show this Thursday

John McCain is back on the Late Show this Thursday

Senator John McCain – running for President in this November’s US Election – will be coming back to the Late Show With David Letterman this Thursday. This will be the first time the senator has been on the Late Show since he infamously cancelled on his previous Letterman appearance a couple of weeks ago. David Letterman mentioned his frustration and annoyance that McCain cancelled publicly on his shows recently.

The excuse McCain gave for cancelling his last appearance was that he needed to rush back to Washington to fix the economy, when it turned out he was actually doing interviews with Katie Couric and didn’t leave for Washington until the next day. It’s not known whether he will bring Sarah Palin – his Vice President candidate – with him to the Late Show, but Dave has hinted that he would like them both to appear on the show together.

Thursday will mark John McCain’s 13th appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman.

McCain originally exclusively announced on Letterman’s show that he was running for President in the US Elections.

Reuters – “McCain set for makeup appearance on Letterman show”

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