New title sequence for the Late Show

New title sequence for the Late Show

A brand new title sequence was unveiled for the Late Show With David Letterman this week. The new titles premiered on Monday night’s show.

Usually the titles are just updated every few years with some minor changes so this is the first time in a long time the well-established show opener was replaced with an all-new sequence.

Late Show title card from the new 2013 opening sequence

There have also been some other changes to the Late Show this week including new camera angles for certain parts of the show (including when Dave comes out for the monologue) and pre/post commercial break videos showcasing the familiar sights & sounds of New York.

The first significant change to the Late Show presentation came at the start of 2013 when the long-established “From New York, the greatest city in the world” opening line (since 9/11) was changed to “From the heart of Broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world”.

Could the refresh of the Late Show indicate Dave is staying with CBS beyond 2014 when Jimmy Fallon takes over NBC’s The Tonight Show?

Watch the titles in full below:

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