Late Show celebrates 4000th episode

Late Show celebrates 4000th episode

Late Show With David Letterman

Tuesday 11th March saw the Late Show With David Letterman air its 4000th show.

The Late Show has been on air for over 20 years, having premiered on the 30th August 1993.

Show #4000 featured guests Jason Bateman, Miles Teller & Gary Allan, and many of the Late Show staffers.

The Late Show staffers took part in a special Top Ten list – “Top Ten Thoughts I’ve Had 4,000 Times”:

Legendary writer of the Late Show website’s long-running Wahoo Gazette, Michael Z. McIntee, has a great idea to celebrate the 4000th show – “we rip off Conan’s In The Year 2000 and do the same bit, entitled, In The Show 4000” – read more about that in the footnotes of the Wahoo Gazette.

Speaking of the show in general it’s nice to see some of the old favourites have been making their way back into the programme recently including the much-loved Late Show Fun Facts (from the Federal Bureau Of Miscellaneous Information) and singing by Rupert Jee at the Hello Deli.

Watch the 4000th episode in full by clicking through to the official site here – however, if you are outside of the US you will need to make use of the Media Hint add-on in Firefox or in Chrome to watch it.

Wahoo Gazette – Show #4000

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