Bill Murray and Lady Gaga make for memorable Wednesday show

Bill Murray and Lady Gaga make for memorable Wednesday show

On Wednesday, the night before David Letterman’s historic retirement announcement, the Late Show had another memorable episode.

The scheduled guests for Wednesday night’s programme were Martha Stewart and Lady Gaga, but there were some surprises not mentioned in the bill.

Bill Murray made a surprise appearance during Dave monologue where he asked if he could do a joke in the monologue to fulfil something on his Bucket List (the things to do before you die):

After the break he was back again, this time chatting to Dave asking him for another favour to check off his Bucket List and getting Letterman to read out something he had previously prepared:

Martha Stewart made her appearance, bringing some food treats (lots of eggs) for Dave to try out which he seemed to enjoy a lot and did the usual shtick with drinking things he shouldn’t – this time a bottle of Vodka:

Bill Murray popped up again after the Martha Stewart interview explaining to Dave he had a third thing to tick off on his Bucket List. This time it was to meet Lady Gaga who luckily was a guest on the programme that very evening.

When Gaga came out he & Dave had a “selfie” with her and she had a surprise of her own – inviting everyone in the Late Show audience to the legendary Roseland Ballroom across the street for her concert.

Lady Gaga’s short run at the Roseland Ballroom (six shows across March and April) will be the last ever performances there, having announced its closure after having been open on 52nd Street since 1956.

After ushering the Late Show audience out and across to the Ballroom (with the help of Bill Murray and Dave on megaphones hurrying people along), Lady Gaga performed two songs:

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