Stephen Colbert to be a guest on the Late Show next week

Stephen Colbert to be a guest on the Late Show next week

Stephen Colbert will stop by the Ed Sullivan Theater next week, it has been confirmed.

Stephen ColbertThis will be his first appearance on the programme since it was announced last week that he’ll succeed David Letterman as host of the Late Show when he steps down next year.

Although he’s been on the Late Show before, it will be interesting to see if he appears in character like he does on The Colbert Report (portraying a right-wing blowhard) for next week’s interview, or if he appears as himself. It’s already been confirmed Colbert will host the Late Show as himself (not in character) when he takes over in 2015.

Catch his Late Show interview next Tuesday (22nd April).

Popular news website Mashable has also posted up some further details about Stephen Colbert’s plans, saying:

Stephen Colbert will end The Colbert Report when his contract expires at the end of 2014, take a break, and start gearing up to take over The Late Show most likely in the fall of 2015 — capping an informal succession plan that’s been in motion going back as far as December 2012.

Whether or not he will change the pronunciation of his surname when he takes over has also been talked about:

There’s no need to switch to an Americanized pronunciation of his name: Colbert won’t go back to KOHL-bert, but will keep the soft-ending kohl-BAYR, which he took on back in college. It was a personal choice — not as part of any schtick — and he’s not the only member of his family to use the more French-leaning pronunciation.

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