Stephen Colbert makes Late Show appearance

Stephen Colbert makes Late Show appearance

Stephen Colbert, the new host of the Late Show from next year, made his first appearance on the programme last night (Tuesday) since the announcement earlier this month.

He appeared as himself like he will be doing when he takes over the Late Show in 2015, not as the character he portrays on his hit Comedy Central satirical comedy show The Colbert Report.

Stephen Colbert and David LettermanThey had real chemistry between them, and Dave seemed genuinely thrilled to have him taking over hosting duties from him.

When talking about what it feels like to get the Late Show job, Stephen said “obviously I’m thrilled… I’m going to do whatever you have done”, with Letterman joking “you don’t want to do that”. “It seems to have gone pretty well, Dave” Stephen said, to which Dave joked “it’s gone on”.

Stephen explained how, back in 1986 when Dave was on NBC with Late Night, he inadvertently had an interview for an internship on the programme when he went to his then-girlfriend’s audition for the same gig. He said “I did not take the internship because you do not pay people” and joked “the next job I’m taking, that pays, right? Because I’ve already signed”.

He also had another encounter in the 1990s, this time submitting jokes to get a writing job on the Late Show on CBS. He told Letterman how nobody got back to him for 4 months (with Dave joking that sounded about right) and by this point he had already been hired by Comedy Central for Strangers With Candy, and the rest is history.

One of the Top Ten lists he submitted for the Late Show back in the 1990s got an airing during last night’s appearance. The Top Ten, entitled “Top Ten Cocktails For Santa” (it was submitted around Christmas time, Colbert explained), was read out in a complete segment with the Top Ten opening titles & music. Dave jokingly expressed some mock outrage saying he hadn’t got the job yet and retorted “don’t let the door hit you in the ass”.

Dave suggested they pose together for a selfie, so Colbert got his phone out:

Colbert brought up how Dave hadn’t told him when he was starting yet, saying he was ending The Colbert Report at the end of the year then had no idea what he was doing after that until the Late Show starts. No date was given by Dave as to when he will be retiring, other than it being some time in 2015.

Watch the interview in full:

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