Bill Scheft to be a guest on the Late Show

Bill Scheft to be a guest on the Late Show

Long-time writer for Late Night With David Letterman and the Late Show With David Letterman, Bill Scheft, will appear on the Late Show as a guest on the 15th April.

It will be interesting to see Dave interview Bill, as he’s been one of the key players in making the Late Show With David Letterman into what it is today.

Bill Scheft was the head monologue writer up until a few years ago, but he still works on the show to this day, and provided material for the recent Late Show Fun Facts book. He can usually be seen standing at the side of the stage on most nights on the Late Show. Bill was famously the designated “Strike Captain” in the WGA writers strike.

NOTE: After this article was written, Bill’s appearance moved to the 14th April, instead of the 15th April.

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