Late Show Roundup – 9th to 13th July 2007

Late Show Roundup – 9th to 13th July 2007

Monday’s guests were Don Cheadle, Venus Williams doing the Top Ten list and the Smashing Pumpkins – on their first of two performances this week (they’re back on Friday). Scorching heats in NYC continue – and Dave goes through the weather conditions – and the all important “visibility is virtually unlimited!” – and he has spotted himself mentioned in USA Today on the letters page. Someone wrote in and said his hair looked like a bird’s nest – heh. I’ve noticed Dave hasn’t been fond of getting his haircut lately (he used to have it much shorter) – maybe that’s what they’re getting at? Or maybe it’s his toupe… Someone gets up on the roof to man the camera they’ve got up there for the weather – and Dave gets the guy to spin round until he feels sick. Alan goes up to the roof later on – to rub in his suntan lotion – we won’t go into anymore detail, as he’s “making us all sick”. Wimbledon tennis champ Venus Williams dropped by to read out the Top Ten list – Dave and Paul try to charm her. Next up was Don Cheadle – who has a film out in selected cities – “I just pray to God your city has been selected!”. Don also chatted about his poker tournaments to raise some money for charity, and how he was the best poker player he knew – including a certain Mr Ben Affleck. The Smashing Pumpkins put in a terrific, rip-roaring performance – they’ll be back on the big show on Friday for some more.

Tuesday’s guests were Sienna Miller, Michael Cera and Interpol. Dave reprised his role as TV weatherman today (remember – back in the day – he used to do the weather?…). Interesting Top Ten list tonight – things you couldn’t say 20 years ago – including “Aer Lingus”. Ah yes, almost forgot about the Late Show makeover challenge – she looked lovely. Sienna Miller was next up – chatting about her tatooes and friends – oh, and her new film called Interview. Dave’s “wife” comes on next – proclaiming he was supposed to be going somewhere with her and she didn’t seem too happy. Dave apologised and suggested they “snuggle” later on. Michael Cera (from a show on’s Innertube website) came on after – talking about sandwiches and how he never has anything to tell interviewers as he’s not the partying type. Michael seemed a bit stunned at the end, when Tony Mendez came on to talk to him about online shows (because of The Tony Mendez Show). Tony went into one of his Spanish outrages – and Michael looked genuinely shocked. Interpol rounded things off nicely with some music.

Wednesday’s guests were Diddy (or is it P. Diddy now?), Emma Watson (from Harry Potter) and – superb rock band – Spoon. We had another installment of those messages from Apple tonight – this time, Chris Elliott is touted for work, but he can’t call anyone as he can’t afford $500 for an iPhone. There’s also a clip from Transformers – indicating the high level of special effects between a toaster and another appliance, re-created in true Late Show style. Diddy talked about his shows on MTV, how he likes to party on big boats with his family – and Dave wonders why he’s never invited to any. Diddy tells him he’s welcome anytime – and he wants him to come across the road for a tour of his offices. The most interesting relevation of the night was Diddy’s trips to Amish families in the school holidays when he was a kid. The Dave and Abe Lincoln bit up next was genius – Dave changed part of a joke which screwed up the entire segment – you’ll have to watch the show to find out more as it’s too much to go into here. Let’s just say the Mountain Dew was meant to be milk. Emma Watson was on to discuss the new Harry Potter film, and also her boating hobby. Spoon gave an excellent performance to close the show – I really like this band at the moment – I must buy their new CD (if we can get it over here – or on import).

Thursday’s guests were the Teutels from American Chopper, Vera Farmiga and stand-up comedian Joe Matarese. Quite a lot happened in Thursday’s show – including Biff getting another rather good portrait of himself. But what out of this time, I hear you cry? Cheese? Ice? Post-it notes? Nope – in chalk on the New York sidewalk – genius. Looks pretty nice – and with a “3D” effect. Dave suggested they got a digger to dig it up for it to be forever immortalised in the Theatre, but Barbara wasn’t having any of that. Dave tried to give away a prize, but – after Alan got half way reading the Ts and Cs – they ran out of time. Heh. The Teutels revved their bikes up out on the street, making plumes of burning rubber. Mikey wasn’t there today though – he was over in Amsterdam – which Paul Snr (or just “Paul” as we found out tonight – but we won’t go into all that again) didn’t sound too pleased of – stating they hadn’t heard from him in over a week. There was another PC and Mac commercial featured tonight – with Gerard Mulligan and Chris Elliott, Dave has a run-in with Late Show director, Jerry Foley, and Joe Matarese’s stand-up went down a treat too.

Friday’s guests were Queen Latifah, Alan Zweibel and the Smashing Pumpkins. Dave tried to give away an ATV in Will It Float (or “a TV” as Alan read it out thanks to Tony Mendez’s cue card error – “What kind of TV?” “A big TV”), and is Dave repressing anger deep within by continuing with the “much hated” segment? That’s what the random guy on-stage says. Dave shared some of his personal diary – revealing he calls everyone “Shecky” because he can’t remember names. We go live to Spain in tonight’s show – for the running of the bulls – but Dave forgets it’s early morning in Spain so everyone is in bed. But it was fine, as NYC has the running of the cabs. Queen Latifah – bizarrely – talked about her new burger franchises and – less bizarrely – her role in the new film, Hairspray (is it a film based on the musical based on the film musical version? Dave doesn’t know). And it’s Friday, which means Fun-fun-fun-fun-fun-fun-fun Facts! Alan Zweibel read a very funny story from his book, and the Smashing Pumpkins returned to the Late Show after Monday’s initial performance – once again, bringing with them some great music.

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