Palin controversy boosts Letterman ratings

Palin controversy boosts Letterman ratings

All of this Sarah Palin controversy has done little to dent the Late Show With David Letterman – in fact, it’s made it even more popular.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting “for the week of June 8… “Late Show” averaged 3.67 million viewers, while “Tonight” posted 3.77 million. For “Late Show,” it was the closest competitive position to “Tonight” since December 2005, Nielsen said”. So it looks as though the ridiculous “Fire David Letterman” movement isn’t getting its wish – no surprise really.

I would have posted more up about the “Fire David Letterman” protests but I would rather just ignore the whole thing and wait for normality to return, instead of giving these “protesters” free publicity. The “Top Ten Things Overhead at the ‘Fire David Letterman’ Rally” Top Ten on the Late Show earlier this month was pretty hilarious though (click here if you haven’t seen it).

Los Angeles Times – “Spat with Sarah Palin doesn’t hurt David Letterman’s ratings”

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