New look official Late Show website

New look official Late Show website

A new look CBS website for the Late Show With David Letterman has been launched – – and looks better than ever.

The official website has been overhauled and now features the CBS flash player interface for videos, better quality (and larger) videos, and all the features that were present on the old site (Top Ten, Top Ten Archive, The Wahoo Gazette and biographies of the Late Show cast – which seem to have been updated and improved).

There’s also a brand new Interact section on the website which includes links to the existing Late Show forum (which I believe was only originally linked to from the website), viewer polls and a link to the official Late Show Twitter page (yes, Dave is finally on Twitter).

I would have thought the website will eventually be merged with the new look website as both serve the same purpose.

Update (19th Aug): As expected, the and websites have been merged together.

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