Late Show returns to UK TV, Podcasts

Late Show returns to UK TV, Podcasts

As reported here on Thursday the Late Show with David Letterman is to return to UK screens from the 1st of October.

Whilst this is very much to be confirmed with two months before the launch, Diva TV will air the show weeknights in a primetime slot, possibly 9pm. The show will be an hour long in duration and there will be a delay of around a fortnight from the US airing. Fans of Glaswegian Craig Ferguson will have to sit tight – the Late Late Show isn’t one of the CBS shows for which rights have been acquired.

Diva TV will be on Sky from launch in the Lifestyle and Culture section of the EPG, and we understand there may be discussions with Virgin Media in the future, although any launch on Virgin would likely be well into next year.

It sounds like the Late Show will get an enormous amount of respect from Diva TV and that they’re very pleased to be able to broadcast it. Sparrowhawk Media also operate The Hallmark Channel who are known for leaving shows like the Law & Order franchise intact with original titles and so on. There might be hope for fans of the New York skyline yet!

This will be great news for fans of the show – with a really good, regular time slot and a great channel hopefully this’ll give the show a chance to bed down and grow on viewers.

With the news of the return of the show to UK screens, the Late Show UK Podcast will be available from this weekend. We’ll be covering all the shows we cover on the blog and a new episode will be released every weekend.

Look out over the next few days for information on how to download and listen to the podcasts – it’s really very simple if you have iTunes or a similar program installed.

6 thoughts on “Late Show returns to UK TV, Podcasts

  1. Around 9pm sounds fantastic – let’s just hope it’s shown uncut from the US broadcast (unlike ITV2 and ITV4). Let’s hope Diva TV appears on Virgin Media, as it certainly would be great to have Dave back on cable TV again. Another idea could be Diva TV on Virgin’s “On Demand” service – which I assume would be a popular choice?

  2. QUOTE:
    . . . and there will be a delay of around a fortnight from the US airing.

    A fortnight?!? Geez! Y’know, if that’s the case, even if I did still have Sky, thus able to
    watch DivaTV from when it launches, I’d still prefer to “acquire” the newest episodes
    of the Late Show by utilising certain other (ever so slightly not legal) methods!

  3. Great news. Can’t wait to seen Dave again on tv. A two week delay is better than having no late show whatsoever and seeing snippets on the websie and you tube dosen,t do it for me either.

  4. Is Diva TV being broadcast at the moment, or is it a new channel? Will if definitely be on Sky? What channel number?

  5. Diva TV launches on Sky on the 1st October. There is no confirmed channel number at the moment.

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