Late Show Roundup – 23rd to 27th July 2007

Late Show Roundup – 23rd to 27th July 2007

Monday’s guests were Drew Carey, Nikki Blonsky (from Hairspray) and music came from Grinderman. Something for us Brits to start off with – Alan announces Dave used to play for Manchester United – well, I never. Now, tonight there’s something pretty special happening outside – a guy with a tennis ball launcher (yes, a thing that launches tennis balls…) is out there hoping to break some stuff by pelting tennis balls at things. Needless to say, nothing went as planned with this segment – which led to some interesting moments. The main problem was with the rain – which Dave says might have attributed to everything going wrong. Basically, everything the guy hit with the tennis balls, didn’t break¬†– the cab window didn’t shatter, the TV didn’t break – nothing. Luckily, Dave had some footage from rehearsals (when it wasn’t raining – and everything was nice and dry) showing what should have happened. Dave wonders why they didn’t just run the rehearsal tapes to begin with. The device launches tennis balls at around 300mph – so, when it works, it really does some damage. Dave has some issues with cameraman (also named Dave – who’s been featured on the show many times) – he’s reading the new Harry Potter book and forgets about working the camera. Next up, we’re reminded George Bush’s poll figures are “26% and falling” After the tennis ball guy does his stuff, we move onto a generic guy standing behind Dave on-stage asking him how he thinks the show is going (he’s been on the show before). Dave has no idea who the guy is. Drew Carey is the first studio guest out tonight – he announces on the Late Show he’s the new host of The Price Is Right (he’s just secured the deal) and how people think he’s Michael Moore when he’s out. They also talk about how good soccer (football for us Brits) is and how the World Cup is better than the Superbowl. Drew also discusses his other new gameshow – The Power Of 10. The guy on the street tries his tennis ball launcher again (it didn’t break the TV so he smashes it by whacking the launcher at it). Nikki Blonsky is up next (from the film, Hairspray – I think she’s the only one from the film who hasn’t been on the show promoting it – until now). Dave and Nikki share their thoughts on ice cream (she used to work in an ice cream shop) and they talk about the film. Grinderman round off the show with a stonking musical treat.

Tuesday’s guests were Paul Rudd, Tony Dungy (American football coach) and musical group, The National. Dave talks about his camp for “Young Hollywood” – and how he could solve all their problems. He has a “sorry” card for Lindsay Lohan (who got arrested for DUI) – it also works for other celebrities – as the name on the card is on a rotating wheel (Paris, Lindsay – and surprisingly, Regis). We then learn Starbucks are hiking up their prices again – their new slogan is apparantely “Very Expensive Coffee”. Old Turkey Buzzard makes another appearance – always good to hear that song. Dave’s not very happy with Bear Grylls (who was on the show recently) – as it came out in the news recently that he “allegedly” gets shipped off to a hotel room overnight and doesn’t spend the whole time in the wilderness for his survival show – Bear says all he can do is drink his own pee. The always entertaining George Bush is stumbling on his words again, then we see Dave promoting new resort, Crescent Springs Village – it really does look lovely. After the Top Ten List, Paul Rudd is the first guest out of the green room. Paul talks about his wife who likes him to wear a suit, his new films Knocked Up and The Ten, what he did when he was growing up, and his sense of fashion when he was younger. Alan Kalter is up next with his new segment – Alan Kalter’s Wacky World Of Sports – which Dave doesn’t approve of (Alan said he didn’t want to do it either). Tony Dungy is next up – he’s the coach of the Colts (who won the Superbowl) – the American football team Dave supports from Indiana. He talks about what it was like winning the Superbowl and some stuff – he brought the Superbowl trophy with him as well (it looks like Dave’s holding onto it for safe-keeping). The National ended the show with a great performance – and Dave came up to them at the end with the Superbowl trophy.

Wednesday’s guests were Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bob Sarlatte and country star Porter Wagoner. Dave starts off by giving someone in the audience a snowglobe (once they find a decent-looking one), then we touch on Lindsay Lohan’s arrest with a picture of her mugshot (AKA Nick Nolte’s mugshot). A clip of Jack Cafferty on CNN asking for the teleprompter to be changed was pretty hilarious – they’ve shown some clips of him doing similar things in the past – this is all live on CNN as well – heh. After a disturbing thought of Dick Cheney “toplesss”, we move on. A Day In The Life Of Lindsay Lohan is up next – which had some technical problems (the text wasn’t displaying properly on the slides). Now, Johnny Dark comes out to give Dave a ticket and forgets his lines – pretty funny – he walks off in shame. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the first guest this evening –¬†they talk about “boogles” (bellybutton in Welsh), sport and a trick with a tablecloth she learnt for her new film (the one where you have to pull the tablecloth off the table without knocking anything over). She tries doing that on the show but it doesn’t work too well. Up next – some guy from the audience is called to come and meet Dave on stage (in true Price Is Right style) – Dave has no idea what it’s for so he sends him back to his seat. A troubling thought as we head for the ad break – Alan says the audience “is being exposed to trace amounts of asbestos”. Bob Sarlatte is next (his name is pronounced Sar-lot). He talks about his radio show amongst other things – including the songs that last the longest which they play on the radio if the host needs to use the bathroom. Porter Wagoner rounds off the show with some country music.

Thursday’s guests were Sharon Osbourne, comedian Brian Kiley and musical group Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Dave begins the show with some impressions of Regis, following someone’s comment in the audience earlier (Dave says all Regis does is drink coffee and chat). Someone’s uncovered something in an old painting of The Last Supper – apparantely they were eating at Red Lobster. A mention of Lindsay Lohan was up next – supposedely, Bush and Cheney got DUIs years ago and they turned out just fine… Some tourists are next – they’ve got lost and ended up in the theatre building (they’re looking for the crater) – Dave points them in the right direction. After Great Moments In Presidential Speeches, we have some kids who’ve written letters to Lindsay Lohan – one of who says she can be on Larry King like Paris. Midway through this segment, Johnny Dark comes out for another go at the segment he messed up last night – he writes Dave another ticket and this time remembers the punchline (“for exceeding the legal limit of hilariousness”). A special Top Ten List tonight – read out by players from the New York Mets. Now – onto the guests – first up is Sharon Osbourne. Sharon’s on the panel for America’s Got Talent (and, of course, she’s been on the panel for The X Factor over here in the UK). Sharon also talks about her husband Ozzy and Ozzfest. Sharon doesn’t seem to like young Hollywood very much – she says the likes of Britney and Lindsay need a “smack on the bum”. Dave revives an old segment especially for Sharon now – Is This Anything. Dave says it’s similar to America’s Got Talent. They all agree the act’s “nothing” and we carry on with the show. Brian Kiley had some comedy for us next – his standup routine was pretty funny (especially the bit where he says no one wanted to go and see Justin Timberlake with him). Yeah Yeah Yeahs end the show with some intriguing music.

Friday’s guests were the lovely Anne Hathaway, comedian Jim Gaffigan and musical group Buffalo Tom. Some discussion of Bear Grylls to start the show this evening and how he has “allegedely” been faking his survival show by “ordering cheese omelettes” in hotels. Dave’s getting too big to fit in his trousers and says one of his organs might burst. A short NASA segment next, then Great Moments In Presidential Speeches, and (as it’s Friday) it’s time for Fun-fun-fun-fun-fun-fun-fun Facts! Anne Hathaway is the first guest tonight – she looked lovely. She’s in a new film called Becoming Jane, which she says she hated filming. The film was made in Ireland – so she said she got a lot of drinking done, so it wasn’t all bad. An interesting thing she saw recently – a naked marathon – she cheered them on. Some advertising by Alan during the commercial break – apparantely Bear Grylls likes to stay in a Sheraton hotel when he’s making his TV series. Dave comments on how lovely Anne Hathaway looked (and smelt), then Jim Gaffigan comes out and discusses how he loves Waffle Houses (even though they could do with a bit of a clean) and how he also enjoys Hot Pockets (which now contain “real” deli meat – Jim points out that begs the question what were they using in them before?). Jim’s got a show on TBS in the US called “My Boys”. Buffalo Tom end the show with some top music. That’s all for this week.

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