16th anniversary of the Late Show With David Letterman

16th anniversary of the Late Show With David Letterman

16 years of the Late ShowHappy 16th birthday to the Late Show With David Letterman! The show celebrates it’s anniversary this week – it debuted on the 30th August 1993 after Dave made the move from NBC’s Late Night programme. In addition to 16 years at CBS with the Late Show, Dave was hosting Late Night on NBC from 1982 to 1993. Letterman has hosted almost 3200 episodes of the Late Show so far and hosted 1819 episodes of Late Night.

To celebrate the anniversary, Stephanie Birkitt interviewed David Letterman – proving to have some funny answers. The interview took place for this week’s official Late Show newsletter. Stephanie asked Dave what some of his Late Show highlights were – he replied “Early on, I begged the network to do a couple of shows in a dress. We called it “Dave in a dress week.” It went on for a while. I don’t wear them anymore because a lot of people took it the wrong way”. There was some sensible answers, including when he was talking about Paul Shaffer – “It’s nice when you can actually meet and work with people who are true geniuses. Paul is a true genius. Not only as a musician, but someone who understands comedy and knows how to participate and make things funnier than they would be at face value. Plus, he is a good friend”.

Some other fun Late Show facts from the newsletter – the Late Show had 835 weeks of 3172 episodes, 27 guest host shows, 10 Backstage shows, four primetime specials, 5621 guest appearances, 2735 Top Ten lists, 2455 Songs, 1695 cameo appearances, 378 guests who also performed songs, 377 standup comedy acts, 264 demonstrations, 230 guest sit-ins with the CBS Orchestra, 106 bumped guests, 76 guests who also performed standup, 69 performances other than songs, and 27 guest hosts.

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